Runway Walk

Runway Walk

Runway Walk

Many basic smaller fashion shows, often models selected are unfamiliar with the modeling world and are looking for runway walk tips. To accommodate this need we’ve compiled a few basics tips here for runway newbies.

Runway Walk Tip One. Everything starts with projecting confidence. Stand tall and proud and walk head up without looking at your feet. To gain confidence in your overall presentation practice walking with your shoulders back, face forward, and avoid looking down!

Runway Walk Tip Two. Stay on your toes! By practicing walking on the ball of your foot just below your toes, the end result will be a graceful stride in heels rather than a clunky heel-toe walk that makes you look like a newborn bambi in strange shoes.

Runway Walk Tip Three. Select your stride. Elongate your stride by lifting your feet and bending the knee and then placing it at a comfortable yet confident length away from your supporting leg. Don’t lift your knees too high or make your strides too short to avoid looking like a soldier rather than the graceful model you’re trying to project!

Runway Walk Tip Four. Keep your head on straight! Focus on an object ahead of you- but not an audience member, as you don’t wish to creep them out. Fix your face with an expression that matches the designer desire and overall feel of the design to reflect best on the garment.

Runway Walk Tip Five: Pay attention to your arms! Don’t swing them side to side and keep fingers curled naturally and relaxed at your sides, but avoid letting them look balled up- it’s a secret tip to shake out your hands before getting on the runway to aid them looking more relaxed and natural on the runway.

Last helpful hints for the runway- watch other models and then videotape your own walk. By watching yourself comparatively you can obtain and improve more runway walking techniques. And above all else, practice and be confident. The worst thing that can happen is a fall, and the best way of offsetting a fall is in good humor by getting up smiling about it, then resuming your stride in a relatively timely fashion. Lots of practice and confidence will offset any fears you may have! Best Wishes!


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