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PA Equipment

PA Equipment Rental

As stated above under the Sound Reinforcement section, the term PA system or public address system is synonymous or interchangeable with the term SR system or sound reinforcement system.

Typically a simple public announcement or PA system is used for places such as churches, town halls, club meetings, small gatherings, school auditoriums, small bars, and, on occasion, a small PA system may be joined with a karaoke system to satisfy your audio amplification needs.

A simple PA system tends to provide anywhere from 200 to 50 watts of power. For larger events, wattage used can be anywhere from 200 to 1000+ watts of power. Thus a SR system is suggested as large events tend to be much more complicated technically. A larger system usually comprises use of microphones, mixing boards, sound processing equipment, speakers and audio amplifiers… whereas a small PA system may be as simple as a microphone and an Amp.


When confused as to how to select your PA equipment, consider the following:

Passive (un powered)

Active (powered)

Your public announcement speaker can be passive (un-powered) or active (powered). What’s the difference? Passive un-powered speakers come in a wide variety of configurations, and have a much larger power capacity, so if you don’t have power amps this may be the choice for you. Passive un-powered do have their shortcomings however as they do not have built in amplification properties. Active powered speakers on the other hand, have the amplifiers built in, so you won’t have to purchase, store, carry, maintain, or match a speaker to a power amp.

If confused about the above information, worry not. Your team at WNY Sound will be happy to assist you in all your public address and sound reinforcement needs.

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