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Buffalo Sound

Congratulations! You’ve booked your BIGGEST GIG to date! One problem… you don’t have the equipment powerful enough to launch your sound to the masses!
Fear not, the wonderful staff at WNY Sound has got you covered! With our huge selection of microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, signal amplifiers and more, we can make the biggest BOOM you’ve ever heard! Our equipment is so powerful and vast, when DJ’s come to visit our warehouse they are left in pure awe. (It was cute at first… but come on… stop gawking we’ve got events to plan!)
A sound reinforcement system can distribute your mixes to larger and more distant audiences. We can’t make you be a talented performer, but our sound reinforcement systems can be used to enhance the sounds of the sources onstage (ie. Microphones on the stage to pick up tap shoes at a dance recital).
AV technicians and other audio industry professionals still debate if such sound amplification systems should be referred to as SR, sound reinforcement, or PA, public address systems. However we find it is typically agreed upon that sound reinforcement systems are used for live or recorded music, and PA systems are used generally for speaking engagements like town hall meetings. The difference in actual equipment for a PA system vs. a SR system varies very little, it more so deals with the event at hand. For example: A B 52 sound system with speakers and subwoofer can be used in the PA type setting where one can address a large crowd by adding a microphone for a large family get together or an outdoor movie night, whereas that same B 52 sound equipment may also be used at a 300+ wedding to amplify and reinforce the sound of the father daughter dance at a wedding so that even grandma can hear from across the room.

WNY Sound offers professional sound
reinforcement in the Buffalo and surrounding
Upstate New York area.

Buffalo Sound Reinforcement

Rochester Sound Reinforcement

Orchard Park Sound Reinforcement

PA or Erie Sound Reinforcement

and all of Western New York

If you need amplifiers, loudspeakers and or microphones then you need sound reinforcement.
whether its a live concert , conference summit, Wedding or backyard party we have sound reinforcement equipment needed to support your event.

Your sound reinforcement package may include wireless microphones if need be. Our wireless mics have beautiful full sound with long range so sound distortion is not an issue. Have a full stage and audience that needs to hear you? WNY Sounds loudspeakers, no matter if its stadium size or your backyard, will reach the ears of every member in the audience clearly. Call 716-877-6565 to find a sound reinforcement package that works for you.

All of our sound reinforcement equipment is kept clean and in good shape.
Have our professional staff plan your event to ensure maximum quality sound. WNY Sounds Reinforcement specialist will devise a layout for your event where you can visualize the placement of the sound reinforcement equipment. From the audience placement to the noise gates that direct the sounds path, we go into heavy detail for supreme sound performance.


WNY or Buffalo Sound
Reinforcement Equipment
may include:

Call 716-218-4070 to talk to our
soundreinforcement specialists today!!

Our engineers have years of experience and understand the proper equipment for the specific show application. We are well versed in live performance sound reinforcement, broadcast audio, perfomrance to video, and all AV needs.
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