Is it Kareoke or Karaoke?

Is it Kareoke or Karaoke? Spellings and Origins


Many people ask how to spell karaoke. Common misspellings include- kareoke, karoke, karaokes, karioke, karoke, and kareokee.
It’s spelled K-A-R-A-O-K-E.
Karaoke literally translates as empty orchestra. Origin Japan. Karaoke is a form of entertainment where the instrumentals to popular songs are played minus the vocals, allowing brave volunteers the opportunity to sing the vocals to an audience, typically off of a video prompter. The CD’s required for karaoke are usually CDG enabled discs. What are CDG discs? CDG represents CD + Graphics, these low resolution graphics played on a specialized karaoke machine allows for the lyrics of a screen to be played in time with the instrumentals of a music track. Often confused with karaoke dvds, cdg karaoke is the choice of karaoke professionals. Several TV shows have been created based on America’s love for karaoke including “The Singing Bee” found currently on NBC.

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