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Disc Jockeys can liven up any party or event. Not only does the DJ play music but they get involved Buffalo DJwith the audience, at least ours will. With WNY Sound’s huge selection of Buffalo DJs, no matter what type of an event or party, you can’t go wrong. Our Buffalo DJs are always ready to help you get your party started. To get started scroll through the information below or click on the links to jump to the section you are interested in!

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Step 1

Meet your DJ! At WNY Sound we offer consultations where you and your DJ can set up and meet to discuss playlists and you can get a feel for their style and make sure they will not disappoint you.

Step 2

Don’t make the mistake of selecting a DJ based purely on price. Keep in mind you will always “get what you paid for” when booking cheap DJs. Also be sure to avoid the free DJ trap many fall into by using a family friend to play music.

Step 3

Inquire about the DJ’s equipment so you will know if they bring things like wireless microphones, lights, and additional music than that of your desired play list.

Step 4

Ask for referrals that relate to the event you are booking. We’ve been in the business for over 20 years and we have many happy clients and wonderful testimonials for all types of events!

What to look for in a DJ

Like it or not, your DJ will serve as the face for any event. They serve as the announcer and master of ceremonies for any celebration from a wedding to a corporate party. They make announcements, make important music selections based on audience response, and take requests and interact with your guests. Wouldn’t you want someone you could rely on?

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Backup Equipment

WNY Sound has many sets of DJ equipment that we use, thus you and your guests can rest assured that we will have the proper equipment for your event! Over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry has taught us that having backup equipment is essential.
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