Karaoke Rental

Karaoke Rental


Karaoke equipment rentals including everything from the specialized players, machines, discs with complete karaoke songs and catalogs, song books, microphones, wireless capable equipment, request forms, and monitors.

Our karaoke machine will make you feel like a star! Choose to rent a karaoke VocoPro SOUNDMAN mini portable P.A. system. Built in disc-player combo mixer with superior quality speaker cabinet, the VocoPro’s stereo output can allow for your external speakers or recording system! You get so much more output than you input through our CD / CD+G disc player or mp3 port. With added extras like key control, digital echo effects, and a five band equalizer, YOU are master of the output sound. As with karaoke, a pitch control feature for the CD/CD+G player can help you fine-tune the speed of playback for all tracks, so you can rock out, learn, and sing your heart out to the music at the pace you want! This SOUNDMAN also is the perfect choice for anyone interested in renting a simple P.A. sound system as its ease of use makes it the perfect party supply! Recommended for small gatherings like small graduation parties, town meetings, bachelor parties, bachlorette parties, bridal showers, communions, retirement parties, office parties, and birthday parties of no more than 50-60 people in an enclosed area. If using outdoors, we recommend using it in a garage or on a deck for your small gathering.


WNY Sound Full Service Karaoke Party Rental Features

WNY Sound VocoPro Karaoke Machine Rental Features


Karaoke Party System


Turn your own home into your new favorite karaoke bar! Imagine you and your friends rocking out and singing the best new karaoke hits! With our full service karaoke party system, you can pick your from our HUGE library of over 1,200 new and classic kareoke songs, and our skilled KJ hosts will effortlessly arrange and organize karaoke request forms, adjust complicated playlists and sound levels, and do everything so all you and your guests have to do is decompress and download all the amazing entertainment unfolding before you! All you have to do is show us where to plug in and we provide the machines, speakers, microphone, music, songs, mp3s, player, software, video, audio and amazing cdg karaoke equipment so you can sing your heart out to the delight of your family and friends!
Your karaoke host or KJ is essential, as you won’t need to worry or fuss over complicated setups and audio levels. It’s our karaoke host’s job to encourage participation and build excitement and an atmosphere of overall fun and amusement for everyone! Our hosts love entertaining and LOVE interacting with you and your guests to get even the wallflowers front and center singing and dancing along to popular karaoke songs. Of course our KJs are always sensitive to those who are shy and will never push a guest beyond their comfort levels. Our karaoke hosts have outstanding etiquette when it comes to karaoke and have policies in place to ensure everyone has a chance to get onstage and participate!

Kolossal Karaoke Party


Upgrade your party from the full service karaoke party rental package to the Kolossal Karaoke Party package and add extra flat screen TVs or jumbo projection screens, fog & bubble machines, club-style lighting throughout your venue so everyone can see the lyrics or music videos to sing & dance along!

Call our WNY Sound Karaoke Experts to inquire about your perfect entertainment package!


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