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DJ Horror Stories

The average number of guests invited to a wedding is 152. That’s one hundred and fifty two people attending your party; despite statistics showing that bride’s highest priority prior to the wedding is their attire, one week after their reception, 78% of all brides claim they would have made the entertainment their highest priority! Why? Because 81% of those 152 guests that have attended your gala will remember the entertainment the most! This is why nearly 100% of brides say they would have spent more on the entertainment, and 78% of brides claim if they could do everything over again, they would have made entertainment their highest priority!

The sources for the above statistics include, www.afwpi.com/wedstats.html, and St. Louis Bride & Groom Magazine in 2003. Other sources include, Brides Magazine, 2001; National Bridal Service, 2001; Simmonds, 2001; The Knot, 2002; USA Today, 2002.

Your picture perfect day has gone exactly as planned. The skies surprisingly did not open up and pour onto your day enabling you to have your hair done exactly as you had hoped, your pictures taken at the outdoor venue as you had planned, and the limo service is divine… now all you have to do is show up and be magically welcomed to the sounds of entrance music you had selected weeks prior to your nuptials. But… what is this? You arrive not only to find your guests sitting in silence looking bored out of their minds making awkward conversation with Aunt Sally and Grandmother Gertrude… with no signs of your DJ or his equipment to be found! Several frantic phone calls and angry voicemails later, a teenager in slightly torn khaki pants with what looks like ketchup stains on the pockets leading up to his wrinkled black button up shirt with a band logo on his back. He drags in his dusty home stereo equipment similar to that found in your fiancé’s man-cave in the basement. After several squeaking feedback sound bites that cause Grandma Gertrude and all others to spontaneously throw their hands over their ears, the Mobil DJ from Hell finally starts to play what vaguely seems to resemble music.

You, calm, having downed a shot graciously provided by your maid of honor, now the picture of serenity request your music to be played for your first dance, only to find that he forgot the mix CD you had given him was left at his home 45 minutes away, but shrugs nonchalantly and informs you his mother can bring it in an hour… or so… if you want…

Determined to get the party to a better place, an optimistic best man requests a microphone in order to toast the newly weds, only to find that your budget DJ who assured you wedded bliss and perfection, doesn’t own one! Feedback squeaking again and your maid of honor and best man belt their speeches in their best theatre voices possible as your guests lean forward to hear as Grandma Gertrude over all screeches “Speak up sonny!”.

Ugh. More feedback noise and the "music" begins. Your DJ is scratching at your wedding like he’s the master DJ of the downtown underground techno clubs, only problem is… he seems oblivious to the fact that no one is watching him, you are NOT at a club at 3am, and, um… NO ONE IS DANCING! This does not seem to faze him and he helps himself to your open bar… repeatedly… for the remainder of the evening.

Has the above happened to brides in the past? YES. Not only has it happened, but also it will happen to at least one bride every weekend. Why? Because most brides are not as savvy as you my friend, and will not have known about the amazing advice and tips given on the section below on what to look for in a DJ. You can avoid the above catastrophe by following the tips on how to avoid booking a terrible DJ.

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